Tutorial of authoring tool

Authoring tool:


This simple tool allow you to create multimedia contents and reach the English education market worldwide via Divii English. So lets get started.

1. Creating a new book:

To create a new book, click on the button “ADD A NEW BOOK” and fill the form. Add two different size of cover photo. We recommend 640 × 278 px for landscape and 245 × 365 px for portrait cover image.


2. Creating a Topic & Subtopic:

To create a topic click on the “Create a new topic” button. Under a topic you can add many subtopics.

3. Organize Topics & Subtopics:

When you are writing contents, you do not need to think of organizing. You can organize them later by click and drag.

4.Editing tool:

a) Text or Image card

Write text content & attach image in the “Text or Image” card.

b) Text Example card

If you want to show some sentence example to the reader, use “Text Example” card. It can play sound.

c) Video Example card

“Video Example” card allow you to show an example from real life context. Search and choose from thousands of video examples.

d) Video card

You can attach a video using “Video” card.

e) Audio card

Attach a lecture in “Audio card”

f) Tips card

Write tips or note in “Tips card”.

g) Word card

You can attach word/phrase in “word” card. It plays sound and shows meaning and more.

h) Notebook card

A notebook contain list of words/phrases. Attach a notebook card using “Notebook” card.

i) Article card

You can attach an article using this “Article” card.

j) Conversation card

Show example of conversation using “Conversation” card.

k) URL card

Attach a link of website or other educational resource in “URL” card.

l) Multiple choice question card

Create multiple choice question.

m) Sentence question card

Create a translation question using “Sentence Question” card.

n) Sentence + TTS question card

Sentence + TTS Question” card is another translation question type. Reader will construct the sentence by listening.

5. Section divider:


Section divider hide all cards next to this card and create a next card button. This feature is provided to enhance the experience of reading.