Tech-Terms That You Will Find Helpful

If you consider yourself a techie, you must be well versed with tech- terms too. Technology is a big world and there is no single place where you will find all the tech-terms for you. Probably the only way to learn terms used in this world is through exploration and research. The more you are with it, the more you learn its jargons. Here’s a quick list of a few of the tech-terms that are not common and you will not get just anywhere:

  • Down time: This term refers to the lost production time due to a broken machine and its operator.
  • Hot Spot: It refers to places where Internet connection is available.
  • McLuhanism: A term that refers to a catchy phrase or slogan (coined by Marshall McLuhan).
  • PDFing: It is a good example of word morphing.
  • Photoshopped: A play on the word “Photoshop” software to get touched-up or digitally manipulated photos.
  • Radar screen: The term refers to the range of interests that a company or individual is focussed on.
  • Thread: Refers to a chain of postings on a single subject in a newsgroup.
  • TMI: It’s text message shorthand, used in texting.

These are a few of the terms that you will find useful while exploring the world of technology. Almost every day a new term is generated. You must stay updated to be able to get the best bite!