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Are you going to take a test or searching for the meaning and pronunciation of a difficult word/phrase? Let Divii take care of your worries!

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Platform for connected learning

Divii is designed around networks that link together educators, content creators, self-learning tools, internet digital contents, and peer groups. The single entry point to the network, a self-learning tool, motivates learners by giving them control over learning processes.


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Solving problems to make life easier

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Is dictionary a reference tool? Can you listen to actual voice or real-life conversations? Or any context-based reference for a practical vocabulary?


Divii is your one-stop learning solution with personalized contents. No more wasting time on innumerable books and guides, just download the application and enjoy to the fullest!


Study yourself, no more wasting money on expensive contents or tutorial classes. We don’t sell contents; we find them for you from the Internet and keep it in one place – Divii!

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